Growing Microgreens for Home and Commercial Use

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Guest: Caroline Nicotera with Terra Stone Greens/Terra Stone Organics

Terra Stone Greens

Works with: Distributors, Commercial Customers, and Culpeper Hospital Farmer’s Market, Individual Deliveries to Homes or Office CSA’s & Restaurants



  • Can you tell us what microgreens are, and why do they matter?
    • Nutritional content
    • Talk about a few ways you can use them
  • Are they hard to grow? Are there ones that are better to grow for beginners, or ones to just avoid altogether?
  • What about taste? I’m sure it comes down to  individual preference, but generally is there much flavor to microgreens, or are we primarily in it for the nutritional value?
  • Is there a differences in growing them for yourself versus growing commercially?
  • What does a small scale commercial setup look like? Do you have to have a lot of equipment?
  • Best places to get your seed from?

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