Easy Garden Journaling

Or watch this over on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ZF-k816bAjQ

Stay tuned for the template – we ran into a technical glitch, but will have it posted shortly! In the mean time here is the short list of items to remind yourself to put in your bullet journal periodically:

  • Seasonal checklists
    • Frost Dates
    • Which plants you want to start indoors in Jan/Feb
    • Which plants to plant in ground during what season (Just make 4 pages, one for each season at the front of your book and you can add to it over the years)
      • At the top of the blank page write “Spring”, and on it you might include things like:
        • plant lettuce in ground mid-March
        • check out your tools – anything need to be replaced (because the sales are happening soon)
        • do I need to build any beds (i.e. now before it gets hot and I don’t want to be outside)
  • Planting guides
    • Last Frost and First Frost dates (see Farmer’s Almanac website)
  • Resources (podcasts, websites, etc. – these are important because you might not listen to them over the Winter season, and then you’ll be trying to remember which ones you enjoyed last year)
  • Things to Remember for Next Year
    • I.e. extreme weather days that decimated all your corn (looking at you microburst last June), what supplies you will need more of
  • General Logging page for one liners like:
    • I put in a fence August 2019
    • I built this particular raised bed March 2017

Take care!


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